Jpg barckground images? really?



1 In my opinion jpg only works for photographs and even then compression artifacts are an eye sore.
I’d like to know the opinion of any one using out of box manjaro backgrounds, on jpg vs. lossless (e.i. png).
2 Are there are any plans to change this?
3 yes this image exaggerates the effect but I can’t stand this stuff.
4 I happened to like this background, if you wonder why this one was chosen.


This reads like a rant.

If you want higher-quality images feel free to make them.


@muser’s wallpapers never presented any issues. He optimized them so there will not be 2,5MiB or 3MiB, but indeed are only at 1920x1080 resolution. Any editing (resize, colorization) after that is destructive, making it look really bad.
As was originally posted, looks fine on both my displays.

Also there are a couple of people doing wallpapers and offer the uncompressed files, but would be quite unjustified to be packaged like that …

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