Joyful July (2017) Screenshots



i3 Version for this rainy July “SUMMER”.
Wallpaper ->small changes by me -> Original->JthreeConcepts–>Deviantart -> free Wallpaper Pack


Thank you.


The obstruction of super key shortcuts has me constantly uttering a good “f you”.
I dont want extra desktops. I dont want wobbly windows. I just want to control my fing shortcuts. Do I really need a third party daemon in order to do that ? Argh.


Do you mean on Win? It’s not possible i think - not as smooth as on any Linux DE.
And on Gnome - yup you don’t need any extra desktops and all the other stuff.
For me it’s just ok to use superkey also on i3wm. No wobbly windows and useless efects - just good workflow.
That’s why everything on any Linux DE is easier and better to setup.
Sorry if i missunderstood you somehow :wink:


Yes, I meant windoze :wink:
I typed that from a machine at work while I was feeling the rage.


Wallpaper please?, also that desktop looks great!, if i could i would add the blur but it’s performance killer for my pc.



Feel the same on Win but you see… i just need it for work (Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel and other) and i can’t stand it’s UI. That’s why i had to change a bit some things :blush:



Thank you! :slight_smile:


Looks like Silo City. I grew up 3 miles from there. Go Bills!


“My new” i3 GreenOne. Totally inspired by this one:
Wallpaper --> deviantart->JthreeConcepts-> free wallpaperpack

left to right: homepage(Github/unix121) in Waterfox, pacli, ncmpcpp, pcmanfm, mousepad, ranger, vtop
bar: polybar… a little modified version(a mix of Space theme/polybar/Github and unix121, i think he posted his version here in Joyful July Screenshots…

Authoritative August (2017) Screenshots

man that is impressive.


That’s pretty and all, but can you actually work with fonts so bright?


Thank you, but your work with ArchLabs is impressive too.


Yes i can. That is the reason, why i use these colors. For me, bright ( i don`t think that this color is too bright) font colors are very useful and btw… and pretty too. Everyone have a different taste and different eyes( I hope…) :smiley:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Plain Jane XFCE4.


an ‘leave’ button, I like that


Nicely done.