Joyful July (2017) Screenshots



Sorry I don’t know. The pic of that jockey has been on my drive a while - title is “…YongSheng-Zheng_China_Finalist_Sport_Professional-Competition-2014_PRESS.JPG”


On a machine for someone who likes it light (and simple):


@cscs That’s really nice


Here’s mine from the other day


Thanks - I hope it is pleasing, because I just obliterated their Mint Cinnamon install :smiling_imp:


my Kibojoe Linux (Manjaro Linux re-spin with JWM) 17.09, codename MUG

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


Very good harmony between wallpaper and the theme. :thumbsup:


I love that! Great work.


This is mine, nothing special i like clean desktop.


I used to spend so much time watching the electric sheep - never set it up as a live wallpaper though… it uses quite a bit of cpu? doesn’t it make things sluggish?


There is a bug with slideshow wallpaper.


Awesome. I`m in love with that.


My Manjaro KDE system. Love the Maia Color. Wallpaper done by @muser


today i3 setup… Wallpaper


Ok, for reasons I wound up reinstalling Xfce on my computer, so I decided to change things up a bit including new font, icon and desktop choices. Its pony time.


Well, no. Browsers use more CPU than any other thing.
As a live wallpaper wasn’t a precise description. It opens as a window at the background and you can’t see cursor on it (but on panel you can see).
I wanted to make it active when screen locks as a screensaver, but I don’t know how.

KDE Plasma 5 - Tips and Tweaks

Fresh looks:

Dotfiles here.


Like I said at Unixporn, amazing stuff.


do you have cava running in one of your polybar modules or is that a system load module?


It’s just the ‘cpu’ module from my polybar configuration mate!