Joyful July (2017) Screenshots



That looks really nice, love the layout.


More “traditional” setup for this month.


Grew tired of a dark setup:

Fully inspired by this artwork here:


Love the picture, not so crazy about a top panel and a dock at the bottom. Have a feeling too much of the screen is used that way.


Plasma: not an image. It’s a screen saver called ElectricSheep that can be used as a live wallpaper.


Original image:


Always love Piper’s work. Hmmm, wonder ifn there’s a way I can rig up for their daily art to automagically become my desktop each day…


my Kibojoe Linux (Manjaro Linux re-spin with JWM) 17.09, codename MUG

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


Yeah i love her artwork, very funny and cute stuff.


My favorite theme combination:

Manjaro Cinnamon

Add Docky:
yaourt -S docky

Add Arc Flatabulous Theme for Window Borders and Controls:
yaourt -S gtk-arc-flatabulous-theme-git

Add Adapta-Nokto for Desktop:
yaourt -S adapta-gtk-theme

Add Paper Icon Theme:
yaourt -S paper-icon-theme-git

NOTE: Some of the above comes from the AUR Repository


It’s hard to believe that’s XFCE! Great job! Spot on!


I think Manjaro is the Rock, or Manjaro Rock(s)
(Not my default wallpaper, just a caricature i did in January this year)


@bogdancovaciu Well done! The people’s eyebrow looks just right :slight_smile:


Nothing to do, so I turned green Breath plasma theme to blue. ;o))


Playing with Icewm. Set up has the UltraBlack-Blue Icewm theme with Maia-Vertex-Dark. The background is stock Manjaro found in the backgrounds folder. Menus from menu maker. Good, usable setup.


A new wallpaper with my old bspwm setup.


Traditional Gnome. I was just thrilled to find something that ran so well on a 14 inch screen and so much “wow” without crashes.


You get a like for the wallpaper :wink:


Dito on the like…
I wish I could buy that wrangler a beer and a shot! :cowboy_hat_face:


Ini di Madura, kan?