Joyful July (2017) Screenshots



Why XFCE does not look better default settings? (Google Translate English)


Always playing with Kde, after Icons, now Aurorae custom theme.


This gives me a nice chill man, although I’m not a KDE guy I really like it!
Is KDE working fine in your setup? I see we have “similar” specs, but for me KDE was extremely heavy (even with 8 GB of RAM), it would have a constant lag and apps were feeling “slow”. It’s sad cause I really really like the looks of KDE.


RAM is not your problem. I have installed on an Xfce version and loginned to Plasma.
Both Chromium and Firefox and Guayadeque are open that makes 2.24 GB of RAM used.


I’d rather stay at i3, at the moment I have Skype , Discord, 10+ Firefox tabs, Spotify and Atom open and I am at 2.9 GB of RAM. Compared to KDE that would take like 1 GB just for the WM.


KDE is just slow and laggy. I was using gnome for half a year and lately I installed kde, it wasn’t a pleasant experience at all. Next day I went back to gnome.

My main Gnome desktop:

BTW why doesn’t Manjaro XFCE come default with Arc-Maia theme? It’s so much nicer than Vertex-Maia.


Not looking bad, but that WM theme doesn’t match.


I share your opinion, manjaro needs another theme for a more elegant look, i think it would be better if it is optional so if you go to appearance you would have that theme for your use if you don´t like the vertex maia, something like what linux mint did with it´s mint-y theme.


Is that a reference?


Thats funny to me, because gnome was atleast as laggy for me ootb. But to be honest, both are rather useable once you make a few changes.
@unix121 You can see from the screen there that its using just about 900MB, which is with it pretty paired down , but what you dont see is my 12 tabs (some with youtube) open in inox.

I used to also look down my nose at KDE, but I have been running this desktop for a few months now, and dont feel it is bloated at all - the one thing I cant quite catch up to an XFCE or OB setup with is basic login speed. It simply takes a few extra seconds to get to the desktop.

Again though, I made a point of ripping out everything I found a hinderance or just superfluous.
That means all akonadi and PIM is gone, and as stated above, the same for whatever else I could get my hands on, like animations, effects, tray items, etc. And really, most of that is just 15 minutes of clicks.

If we were to compare using it is at comes initially, I wouldnt have used it for more than 5 minutes, like gnome.


Do you have a SSD? If you don’t then maybe gnome benefits from it much more than kde and that’s why it feels faster for me.


SSD I do have :wink: But only 4 G of RAM, no dedicated GFX.
Maybe its time to write up a “KDE on a Diet” tut or something …
(and leave more room for july screenshots here)


I run Manjaro KDE on a small machine and it 's very fast, more than Gnome.

120 Gb SSD, 4Gb RAM, Intel® Celeron N2807


There is one more :wink: :



@Glsmaxx what DE?


Been playing with LXDE on an older HP G62. Vertex-Maia-Dark themes with Vibrancy-NonMono-Dark-Teal icon set. Right click menu provided by obmenu-generator. I found the background on the web a couple of years ago, sorry don’t remember where.




Yes thanks! I lost that bookmark somewhere in all the installs I’ve done on this machine. Think it’s a great match for the Manjaro Maia colors.



Thanks @AJSlye for the E modules PKGBUILD (clipboard & screenshot) :slight_smile:
& for the last efl-beta2, too !