Joyful July (2017) Screenshots



Yes, that’s it!! :grin: Just now I was going to post the link…


I know I already posted but you all have inspired me to customize more. Artwork by a member here, sorry I can’t recall the name.


What panel is that? Want to share configs?


Sorry I forgot to post some configs in the original post, but here it is.
The bar is <a href""> Polybar and my config for the panel is here.


Just want to share my custom Manjaro Plasma 5 icon theme.


Has Gnome changed? I mean you can change the location of panel and make it autohide?


You have extensions that can pretty much allow you to mimic the functionality of any desktop, within the limits of those extensions. The price is generally a much higher usage of RAM by the desktop.


I did write that, yes, thinking every modern DE can do that. Am I wrong here, Gnome can not do that? I stopped using Gnome ages ago so I really have no idea.


There is a great Gnome extension called “Dynamic Panel Transparency” that lets you have complete customization of the top panel. For me, it’s definitely a must have for Gnome users.


Science style


Ha! Your terminal is glowing! That is really hot!


That’s Cool Retro Term


Mine is a simple Arc Dark/Papirus with Plank and Global Menu.


Seriously, I love your setup, and I am still searching for the wallpaper in the third picture.



Love it. It looks amazing in my setup.



Nice, simple and easy on the eyes. I love it.


Good, it even looks like XFCE since it’s so simple.


Thanks, I have shortcuts for the most part, but if I really need it krunner starts with Super+Space, so no need for an actual menu, then pretty much everything besides what you saw is tore out aswell, no animations, single workspace, etc. I would get rid of notifications too, if it werent for this bug.
I shouldve mentioned I’m using “Bise” desktop theme, which integrates nicely with Breath for a flat uniformity.
Ex. Fullscreen: