`journalctl -f` output spammed with systemd-rfkill.socket messages

I’ve just checked my journalctl -f output following a recent update on the PBP & I’m seeing this being repeated over and over:

Dec 17 13:58:25 Scatha tlp[10333]: Warning: systemd-rfkill.socket is not masked, radio device switching may not work as configured.
Dec 17 13:58:25 Scatha tlp[10333]: >>> Invoke 'systemctl mask systemd-rfkill.socket' to correct this.

I obeyed the command and entered:

sudo systemctl mask systemd-rfkill.socket
sudo systemctl mask systemd-rfkill.service

The journalctl messages are now gone and nothing appears to be broken. I still have no idea what I’ve done.

though not ARM (on x86) got this today, while booting as well. cant say what cause this to popup all of a sudden.

in my case, systemd-rfkill.service was masked, systemd-rfkill.socket was not. masked it as advised. TLP requires both of them to be masked. never seen TLP or systemd errors on this before