Journal log message

recently I’m getting this message in journal log via ksystemlog

anything I can do?

06/09/20 22:34	plasmashell	file:///usr/share/plasma/shells/org.kde.plasma.desktop/contents/views/Panel.qml:73:5: QML Binding: Not restoring previous value because restoreMode has not been set.
This behavior is deprecated.
You have to import QtQml 2.15 after any QtQuick imports and set
the restoreMode of the binding to fix this warning.
In Qt < 6.0 the default is Binding.RestoreBinding.
In Qt >= 6.0 the default is Binding.RestoreBindingOrValue.

I also have this message but everything works. You can ignore this.

I don’t believe I overly customized Plasma. I do turn off/disable a lot of things. I don’t use any kde PIM’s, but journalctl is full of qt messages & deprecated messages. I made the choice to run kdebugdialog5 and disable debug output. It is in package kdelibs4support 5.73.0-1. If I am experiencing a problem I turn it on, as needed.

It seems to just modify a file ~/.config/kdebugrc and adds a line DisableAll=true.

Check to see if it is an active bug: