Jolicloud - JoliOS - JDE (nostalgia thread)


… who remembers jolicloud and their OS/DE ?

its been exactly 5 years since it was discontinued, the DE was on github, but developement didnt continue.
they also had JoliDrive, JoliBook, and their own small social network, custom browser - Nickel (chromium based)

it was my gateway into linux… ma 1st love, oh how i miss u :sob:

here is an old review of the OS

and if you want to read more about the project, from one of the co-founders…


Jade dashboard is somehow inspired by jolicloud, and similar technologies, maybe give it a try.


I used jolicloud on my eeepc 900 back then. As I remember it worked fine for me.


I used to put jolios on peoples computers that would ask me to “fix” their computers that was way over the hill old and filled with viruses and spyware. It was great because it was lightweight, idiot proof, and they couldn’t download crap on it. Also it was great for netbooks when those were popular.



I installed it at one point on my father’s netbook.


i knew it :laughing:
the moment i seen the centered search box , Jolicloud was the first thing i thought about.
and yes, i gave JADE a try a few weeks back, and left some feedback on the page a couple a days ago :smiley: thats were i got the idea for the reset to default settings …


“idiot proof” :sweat_smile:


here is a video review of Joli OS 1.2