Jocular June (2020) Screenshots

That's not what I meant. :wink: Where is your image? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


My self is in Bradford UK. The background is part of a photo I took in Pittsburgh USA while wobbling the camera around. The out of focus light of stuff was done while taking shots of some illuminated fountains on the shore in the city centre.

:sweat_smile: You're still not getting it, so let me spell it out for you... :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no picture in your post. :sweat_smile:

None. Zero. Nada. No picture. It's gone fishing. It's missing in action. The Hobbitses stoles the Preciouss.



Update, or have you heard the latest news from Mordor? Sauron has fallen and Middle Earth has been saved.

Hi, frpenguin. Where find this wallpaper, please ?!

@Pikachu made it. You can find them at his github repo.

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Thank you !

Finally changed the background and shell :grinning:


nwo that's a cool gnome desktop. :slight_smile: I love it.

Yep. Seems to be going coast to coast. With a ghost in space :wink:

Cheers m8 :wink:

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Space Ghost! :open_mouth:

It was slightly unexpected, but sorely needed.

If you revers my post. You get the title of the show.

Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

Ya.. I was that board.

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BTT :wink:



This is my current setup: Dark Material design with a bit of Windows 10/ChromeOS inspiration.

  • Plasma theme: Materia Mono
  • App theme: Materia Dark (Kvantum, GTK2, GTK3)
  • Window decoration: Breeze Enhanced (Git version from AUR)
  • Icon theme: Papirus
  • Bottom panel/taskbar: Latte Dock
  • Cursor theme: Material Cursors Light
  • Fonts: Roboto Slab (title bars), Roboto Mono (terminal), Iosevka Extended (VSCode editor), Roboto (everything else)
  • (Oh My) Zsh theme: fishy
    I modified it to look like the default bash prompt in Debian, Ubuntu, etc. and display the current time in the style of npm (Node Package Manager).
  • VSCode color theme: Materia with some color modifications in settings file
  • Wallpaper source here
Taskbar widgets/plasmoids, from left to right:
  • Favorites in a Grid App Launcher
  • Present Windows button
  • Virtual Desktop Bar
  • Latte Task Launcher (built-in)
  • System Load Viewer (built-in)
  • System Tray (built-in)
  • Event Calendar
  • Analog Clock (built-in)
  • Latte Spacer set to 4px


  • I slightly modified Plasma color and Kvantum themes to have window backgrounds match colors with their titlebars.
  • For some reason, installing the Virtual Desktop Bar plasmoid with the Download New Plasma Widgets dialog didn't work, so I had to get it from the AUR instead.
  • I had to use Latte to achieve the translucent panel background with blur, similar to the taskbar from Windows 10.
  • Wallpaper changes every 24 hours, and each one features a different anime schoolgirl.
  • Despite that I'm from the US, I prefer 24-hour time over the usual 12-hour style as it has stuck with me my whole life. (My grandpa taught me how to read military time when I was at least 6.)

Any questions, comments, and feedback are appreciated.


Well I tried Fedora. Apparently I really don't like GNOME, and I just don't understand Linux outside of pacman anymore. I give up, so I'm giving KDE another go on Endeavour before I go through another full Arch install again. The kwin tiling script is good enough for my tiling needs, AND I can turn it off if I don't want to use it for some reason. Seems like a safe compromise going through the hassle with swapping i3 in. Bonus, Plasma seems to be by far the best HiDPi integration of any DE I've tried so far.


My problem with this part. Is that your screenshot are in 2K res. Which I don't run into HiDPi issue. 4K and weird res like 3000x2000. I do notice where HiDPi come into play.

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