Jellyfin can't detect external drives and files in home directory

Hi all! As the topic say I have a problem with jellyfin detecting my drives.
When I go to create folders for my movies and shows Jellyfin can’t detect folders in my home directory and it can’t detect my external HDD drives in /run/media/.

I’m not sure what to do, my guess is that it have something to do with permissions but I don’t know how to set it up. I looked on every tutorial for jellyfin but there is no mention on this problem, theirs jellyfin detects every drive, fort in root, home and other.

Please help

Thank you

The folder needs to be accesible by the httpd user, so jellyfin can read it (as it’s a web service).

Can I ask for help on how to add it to httpd.


Used to have the same problem, solved it by following this topic.

chmod -R a+rx /run/media/

Always be careful when changing permission though, especially on your home directory.
And Jellyfin is a fork of Emby, so some of solution is still relevant on Jellyfin.

This will reset on next boot as /run is a volatile structure.

Add a mountpoint for your external device using systemd.

Tnx friends for help.

I have new problem… Yesterday came an update for Manjaro packages and some AUR… After I updated te system Jellyfin can’t connect to my server.

I enabled and started service jellyfin but it’s the same problem…

:pensive: Sorry to bother you