Jazzy June (2017) Screenshots



Haha. I do the same with this polybar. Found it at unixporn. BUT: Im too stupid to get it work. When i try to set all the bars, the bars appears not bar next bar. (sorry for my english) Its more like bar under bar on the right top on the screen. No success the last 2 days. Damn. Respect Unix121 to get this work.


I got confused a bit :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe explaining it better could get help me understand it a bit so I can help :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way I’ve been messing with my desktop (again) and I figured out (as I use 2 monitors) that having 2 bars in one screen (main monitor) and nothing in the second is pretty awesome. So I came up with something like this today:

I’m heavily struggling to find the perfect wallpaper for this tho. It’s losing a lot of potential because of the bad wallpaper I think.


Before you ask: yes I like clutter … :relaxed:


OK. I try to explain a little bit better.(i hope so) :slight_smile: I try to get this Polybar to run on my Desktop:

Polybar config: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/bd725bc106ba73b9df0b23bdf33cefbc

The different bars(Bar title, Bar cpu etc.) have to appear in this order: bar/title, bar/Cpu etc. That can you see on the picture(imgur). BUT: On my screen the bars are not bar next bar(from left to right), the bars are just on the top left side and bar under bar(top to bottom). Since the last 2,3 Days i try to configure it right, but without success. AND: Really, really sorry for my really bad english.


Oh I get this, just go under every bar and add :

override-redirect = true

For example:

monitor = ${env:MONITOR:DVI-D-1}
width = 90 
height = 35
offset-x = 817
offset-y = 10
fixed-center = true

( ... other stuff ... )

;add this line
override-redirect = true

Do it on every bar except the “title” bar. This should probably get it fixed. ( I hope )


Found a wallpaper that works perfectly with wal, think im gonna stick with this one for a little bit.



New theme I’m playing with:


This was the solution. Thank you very much. Have a nice weekend.


I’m very glad that I was helpful. Have a great weekend as well.


Pretty similar, but without the clutter. :grin:
After a long time layout-hopping, finally got one that meets all my needs and doesn’t interfere with normal usage. All the panels in auto-hide, top-left corner to show every window. Now to find what suits me the best between the tiling script or a whole lot of kwin application rules.


My desktop :wink:


I hate to ask this, but do you (or anyone) know how to export a custom color scheme? The brown theme I made is a combo of a custom theme in /usr/share/plasma/desktoptheme/ as well as some custom colors that I added in Settings > Appearance > Colors. However, I don’t know where the latter color scheme is stored. Any help?


In .local/share/color-schemes/ I think.


no frills Budgie-desktop, Sardi-Flexible icons changed to a muted gold colour.


Yes! Thank you.

/usr/share/color-schemes/ is listing all the schemes that came with plasma, and custom ones are in ~/.local/share/color-schemes/


Hope you like


Nice theme @kouros17 !
What did you used to change your terminal prompt ? I’m espescially interested in the git repo recongnition.


Thank you @remicmacs. :slight_smile:

I’ve replaced Bash with Zsh and using Oh My Zsh to customize Zsh:

You can find many themes here:


Thanks for the answer !
I have been postponing the transition to Zsh for quite some time now. I should dive into it.