Jazzy June (2017) Screenshots



Please share the first wallpaper, I like cartoonish wallpapers :slight_smile: and if you have any similar ones feel free to share them too :slight_smile:


My first time posting in the screenshot topic. Was re-watching the original naruto. Hence, the wallpaper link.


Well got tired of dark themes (tho I still keep dolphin dark). Turns out the background photos for Viber are in HD and can be found in the viber files (that is how I got the wallpaper).


Sorry but most of my wallpapers are digital paintings.


Hi again,

I like the default Ubuntu Icon theme but not the Orange color, so I make it Grey for my Manjaro Gnome DE.



Just found this great theme. Reminds me on ancient raleigh.

Also wallpaper change.


I really gotta stop tweaking my desktop. Lets see for how long will I keep the panel in the left corner.


I love that brown theme! Would you be willing to share it? I have one I threw together, but it is no where close to as rich and complete!


Really like the dampened colors you’re going for here! Would you mind sharing the color scheme?

I dig the minimal planet and orbits wallpaper too. Are there more of these?


Here is everything from this theme, the color scheme is here as well.


Here is something new I’ve been working on on my free time, found an awesome Polybar config somewhere and I’ve been messing with it for a while now.


Glad you like it! Let me give it one more look over - I made it sorta hastily. Then I’ll definitely share it. Might be a couple days.


Sounds good! Thanks so much!


I’ve installed Manjaro KDE on my desktop and only a couple differences from my laptop. I quite like the wallpaper and dark feeling. (I’m currently rendering a video right now, which is why the CPU load is quite high.)


Rummaging through an old drive I came across a picture I made (before Arch and Manjaro was on my radar) - jazzed it up a little for my new Enlightenment desktop.

dirty (with gadget overlay)


You need to add a ball (or more) with the enlightenment logo:


The same bspwm with a new wallpaper


You need to add a ball (or more) with the enlightenment logo:

But of course. :grin: I was using E back then - there are a few meatballs with the (blue) Enlightenment logo. Look just to the right of the cursor.

Mmmm gets idea for a “where’s Waldo” background.


OK, I see it now.