Jazzy June (2017) Screenshots



Try this:
and this:

another option for ideos and inspiration next unixporn is dotshare.it


My simple Plasma desktop. Not much changed since last month. I have switched to the Application Dashboard instead of the default launcher. For some reason it works for me in Plasma, were in Gnome Shell it just felt chaotic somehow. Maybe different layout. Anyway, very barebones layout I guess, but here it is;


Updated and got some new nice Gnome Wallpapers today. Cool. Thanks.


What a great picture, any idea where that was made? I just love these scenery’s.
I know since recently you use KDE while some time ago you wrote this:
What made you change?


What made me change was a combination of things.

Plasma 5 finally becoming stable enough for me since 5.9. Me being fed up with inconsistent theming all over the place on gtk desktops was another reason. (okay, Gnome Shell excluded. Theming is pretty sweet there, but I can’t stand the DE. I find it a horribly restrictive experience and not intuitive)

Another reason following that is gtk apps blend so well in Plasma that I can still use certain gtk apps I prefer or have no qt alternative for, like gufw or deja-dup.

In the end Plasma just gives me a good looking desktop which is now actually stable for me, without crashing. (until KDE decides on big changes and they fuck it all up again, as is the cycle. Why overdevelop something that functions well and offers tons of stuff? Aaargh!)

The amount of options and sometimes weird locations they are hid still drive me crazy sometimes, but I guess it isn’t that much of an issue because I only have to set it up very rarely, so.

I think I like Cinnamon and Plasma equally at this point. Plasma just has better theming overall and since I can’t handle visual inconsistency across a DE and it triggers my OCD quirks, Plasma wins.

Oh, and you’re welcome (No idea where that actually was shot though):

I found it through duckduckgo search


I’ve started customizing my new i3 session, am I doing good so far?

Not sure if I should set transparency on the terminals, I like the black background. I need to configure me a fancy looking bar, tohught I think I’m not sticking with i3bar :slight_smile:


Bored out of my mind so I thought this might give me something to do, figure out as a newbie, how to do screen shots and share em. This is my KDE System, Love the Theme. Great Colors


I asked about the picture cause my wife and I have been a couple of times in the USA driving around with a rental RV and hoping to do so again next year, if Mr Trump will let us in.
I just love these sceneries and have a lot of pictures myself but it never hurts to find new places.
Thanks for posting it.


Maybe that is Goblin Valley


A look at plane icons :wink:



Been there, didn’t see it.
Plus the structure of the rocks is totally different in Goblin.




I’m afraid it is a dated picture, she does not look like this anymore.
But then, who does?


Of course not, that’s why people invented camera…
Human being ages, look at the mirror.


Yes, mirrors also age, I know, I don’t have to look at them.


Wallpaper please?


Nothing pretty much changed from the last time that i can show you, just the animations of compiz and fixed a bug involving the screensaver and a black screen, the only thing you can see in here is the change of wallpapers(i have a lot of them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (i’m going for the twenty) and most of them are from here because they are great).
PD: the third image looks a little bit dark because of the window selector plugin of compiz. Using vala appmenu xfce plugin for the global menu and windowck, RIP Unity. The Blur in the panel is just an image with blur at 15.


Here you go, bud


GNOME as main desktop, with Overpass as system-wide font.

Wallpaper: From Your Name (Kimi no Na wa)