Jazzy June (2017) Screenshots



It’s been a while since I’ve been using Manjaro! KDE for me, and I forsee myself sticking with it for quite some time. It’s growing on me.



Nope but afaik, we are only 4/5 here to mainly use it…! :disappointed:
Systray works fine again, nice !
Personally, i prefer packagekit from where you can configure/run pamac/octopi to update (no stupid Gtk/Qt quarrel with E ! :wink:)
& as you can see video/audio thumbnail works perfectly on hovering the file with “underrated” EFM !


NOW we’re rollin’ :grin:

After tooling around trying various KDE and GNOME installs I came back home to Manjaro and Enlightenment. This is icing on the cake and I think it is a convenient way for more people to give it a try. Enlightenment straight up is my favorite. Thanks for your efforts.


Thanks, I’m glad you like what I’m doing. This started out as a personal itch of mine, but now I’m considering moving forward with a NulogicOS spin of Manjaro based on my own enlightenment and other EFL based packages. My biggest issue is with artwork and themeing, I’m not an artist by any stretch. Once I do have this ready and my website up and running, I will probably add a donate button or something similar.


I was taking all the spins to test, when i had the time, and now i’m to Enlightenment stage once again, because the last time i was playing with it was way back when Elive came out :slight_smile:
Now you will have another user to deal with, once in a while. :grin:
From what i tested so far (only in VBox for now) looks way better then i expected. I’ll play with it and come back with some humble opinions!


A slight update from yesterday. After some tweaking, I’ve changed things around, updating my wallpaper, moved from Numix Icons (which have seemingly poor KDE support) to Papirus Icons. I left the theme as Maia-Dark, and I’m looking into making an SDDM splash because there’s not a sane way to do that rn.


Had some free time so I thought it was about time to go back to i3wm and configure everything from zero. After been a while on XFCE4 I got addicted to dropdown terminals so I thought I should bring them on i3wm as well. Also it’s the first time that I spent some time on conky to make my desktop even more cool:


Need some vitamins on my Manjaro Gnome testing machine ;o))



Been lurking here for a while, finally got around to configuring I3-gaps, after numerous attempts…
Been hopping between DE’s, started with XFCE, went to KDE (was to harsh on my hardware), back to XFCE, to settle on GNOME for a while. But i wanted to optimize system pressure so I decided to pick up i3-gaps. So far I like it, takes a little bit getting used to but all in all it’s fairly straight forward. Using wal to generate colorschemes from the wallpaper and apply those to polybar, urxvt and i3 window borders.


Some changes from last time:


Someone liked my dolphin layout :smiley:


But how does one make Latte dock open apps like KDE-panel/unity ( meta + numbers) ?


To my knowledge, this feature is separate from the panel and or dock and part of the underlying sub systems. Use of the Meta key is built into Plasma 5, meta by itself opens the menu (ALT+F1), holding down the meta with the use another key can also be assigned as well. These settings can be found under systems settings > shortcuts. You can also just right click on the plasmoid itself and select settings then assign “keyboard shortcut” from there.


I’ve actually been inspired by someone some time ago for that dolphin layout, indeed. I cana’t recall who it was, however. It’s been my default dolphin layout for a long time now anyway. :slight_smile:


I like to keep it simple. Gnome-OSX theme - La Capitaine icons


KDE. A picture I took many years ago of my old cat playing in leaves (it doesn’t match the theme colors, I know). A brown theme for plasma that I put together. I still need to apply the theme to the gtk apps. It’s based on a theme for Sublime Text (blanking on the name). I originally made this theme on Cinnamon, so I have a gtk version somewhere!

None of those windows are at the “front” because I have the menu up. But when a window is in the front, the title is clearly legible. I’m still tweaking the theme, though.


Just a warning for some of us. :grimacing:


Just in case anyone is looking for dotfiles or wallpapers. You can get them over at my Github page.


Hey, guys. Didn’t know where to ask this, but I’m going to try out i3wm and I wanted to know if you had any themes fro it or links for some ricing guides. Bonus points for nice dark green themes

Trying to make a 4chan themed Manjaro i3 install. I just love that place.


The i3wm start guide videos frmo codestream are awesome (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1I63wGcvU4) They explain the basics, how to edit your config file and also explain a little bit about ricing.
I can also recomend the i3wm subreddit (although it’s not very active), and the unixporn subreddit for rice ideas and inspirations