Jazzy June (2017) Screenshots



interesting your conky…
what are the parameters for Announcements?

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


I use these lines


Gnome-Unity style instead of my Plasma desktop :wink:
Cutomized the gtk3 theme a bit


Mate Desktop: Icons: Arc, Theme: Blue Submarine, advance mate menu, compiz, conky, wallpaper can be found here


I love that wallpaper! Any chance you might share the link? :grin:


It looks similar to my Manjaro Mate on VB. :wink:


Its a lot better on metal, smooth as silk!! :slight_smile:
What DE are you using as your daily driver?


I’m using Manjaro Cinnamon (and Windows 10 - dual boot). :slight_smile:


Can’t remember where did i get it from :laughing:.
So i will just post it here.


Hey, thanks! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:


It’s a mac wallpapper: https://www.tineye.com/search/8410776972d959db74c0d8b4c5335b97be8244f1/

I can’t believe no one knows how to do a reverse image lookup.


How do you do that?


Drag and drop an image. I put it in a tools folder on my menu bar along with other look ups.:wink:


Well, as kmartin pointed out you can use googles image lookup site.
Personally, I like to use https://www.tineye.com/, but there are many online reverse image lookup sites.


My KDE Desktop


OS: Manjaro
DE: Gnome 3.24.2
Theme: Pop-Eta
Icons: Paper
Cursor: Breeze
Shell Theme: Pop-Eta
Extensions: Alternatetab , Arc menu, Dash to panel, Easyscreencast, Manjaro update indicator, Openweather, Tilix dropdown, user themes
Software: Gnome text editor, gThumb, WPS Office, DeaDBeeF, Cheese, gnome videos, Opera web browser, Hexchat, gnome maps, Tilix, Htop



Am I the only one running Enlightenment?
Anyone interested, please use my PKGBUILD’s or binaries (x86_64 only):
:slight_smile: https://github.com/NuLogicSystems/PKGBUILD/
:slight_smile: http://www.nulogicsystems.com/public_files/nulogic/x86_64/
You’ll be glad you did…
EFL 1.19.1
Enlightenment 0.21.8
E Arc theme modified by okra
Arc gtk theme v2/3
Arc icon theme
In the system tray:


Can I add it as a repo in pacman.conf?


Why yes, yes you can…
Just add this:

[nulogic] SigLevel = Never Server = http://nulogicsystems.com/public_files/nulogic/$arch
You might want to add it before extra, otherwise you’ll need to specify the nulogic repo when installing packages that have older upstream versions.