Jazzy June (2017) Screenshots



My gnome setup.
Just changed the color schemes in gnome-terminal and gedit (using adapta.xml for gedit modified by me to maia colors).

Stock wallpaper: https://alpha.wallhaven.cc/wallpaper/372613
Wallpaper with logo: http://i.imgur.com/k0GOGc3.jpg

How do you personally make Manjaro your own?

Mine’s just a minimalist XFCE with adapta theme, papirus icons, lame panel ( Not limepanel) , and nothing else…


Just some basic shots, nothing special:



For this months alliteration you win a prize!


Careless Whisper??


I would prefer an intelligent, athletic woman. This guy doesn’t do it for me.
Thanks … :laughing:


I guess I didnt include audio. So I wont judge too hard.
Besides, it really only matters what kouros17 thinks. It is their prize after all. :wink:



Pure beauty!


Plasma 5 dual 22" displays. Going for the darker and Black easier on these ole’ eyes.

Manjaro Plasma 5 Kde Dual Displays June Desktop by Orbmiser, on Flickr

Manjaro Plasma 5 Kde Dual Displays June Desktop-Apps by Orbmiser, on Flickr

Two panels Vertical Menu & Applications launcher.

Manjaro Plasma 5 Kde Dual Displays June Desktop-Panels by Orbmiser, on Flickr

Simply Conky & Gealach Moon Plasmoid shows just the Moon phase until you click on it.

Manjaro Plasma 5 Kde Dual Displays June Desktop-Conky & Moon by Orbmiser

Also have Media Frame plasmoid upper right display displaying my photography.


XFCE with the Adapta theme, Maia colors, edited a bit…

And oblogout, with icons to match the theme.



Gnome 3.24 with Dark Wind Theme and Adwaita Grey Icons.


Since this afternoon 13:26 West European daylight-saving-time is this my new desktop picture:

My 2nd granddaughter. Yeah me.


New month, new wallpaper…


Nothing special going on, still on Xfce4 tho :stuck_out_tongue:





Sort of slowly working through my HIDPI issues


That’s awesome! Any link to that wallpaper?