Java audio control issues

I am not 100% sure if this comes down to java itself or the way a java application/game is made but I am having issues being able to control the audio or even see it for some java based games like Runelite and RSCRevolution for example I have no way to see/control it on my raspberry pi 4 or change what source it outputs to and completely ignores pulse audio settings. On my PC running Manjaro xfce4 this is no issue but on my pi using Manjaro Arm64 xfce4 it’s a different story. Can anyone help me out?

Anyone know anything about this or how to fix the issue? does this need to be fixed on Manjaro arms version of something?


I don’t use Java applications, so I have no idea.

Hmm ok well I only play Runescape or RSCRevolution (original classic Rune) which uses java but for some reason they do not show up on pulse audio and always output to hdmi on the pi 4.