James DSPupdate problem

Since stable update, Jamesdsp will not update. Same error when removing and reinstalling.

‘’/var/tmp/pamac-build-merlin/jamesdsp/PKGBUILD: line 46: patch: command not found’’

Install base-devel

Thats a bit odd. How was James dsp installed to begin with?

It was probably a repo package at the time, and our repos mirror those of Arch — not to the version number, of course — but a number of packages have in the meantime been dropped to the AUR, as you could read in the Announcements threads that come with each update.

This here is from the latest Stable Update thread under the Announcements category… :arrow_down:

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Done etc. Thanks Mithrial!

You installed it from the AUR–that is, unless you have somene else using your computer. :wink:

Not this one. I added it to the AUR myself.

Originally installed via AUR some months ago. I wasnt aware situation had changed. It updated fine on my other machine.

It looks like Yochanan added the gcc13 patch in version 2.4-2. Previous versions would not have required patch to build.

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