Jack does not send audio to HDMI2 output

I have conected my 42’’ LG monitor with my NVidia 2070 Super via the HDMI2 port , monitor works without any issues and it also get audio that pulseaudio recognises as TU104 HD Audio Controller Digital Stereo (HDMI 2)

So far my audio and video work fine but when Jack comes to equation things get messy.

I want to use Jack to make a software synthesizer with Supercollider , I can get Jack to output sound correctly to both my motherboard audio card and my usb connected surround headphones/mic headset however Jack seems not able to output sound to my standard output which the HDMI output.

I use Cadence and everything looks green, I get no errors in the log and Jack can even see the HDMI 2 output which recognises as “hw:Nvidia,8 [HDMI 2]” . But I get no sound.

Any suggestions ?

Hi Kilon

I’m experiencing the same as yourself, however I have no solution to your problem.

But I would like to share some of my trouble-shooting with you:
I am producing short music pieces and sound sweetening on Reaper; and cutting film on Lightworks, but nearly the same hardware setup as you describe.

I have just replaced my old monitors (HD-Ready jobbers) with a 43" Philips Momentum.
HP Pavilion Gaming machine HDMI2 → Monitor → Audio Out → Loud Speaker System

Everything worked while checking audio playback from my local films and from Internet videos.
However, when JACK was started via Cadence, there was no sound.

I was able to by-pass this problem - for only a Reaper session - by connecting the Audio Line-Out Analogue Stereo from HP to Philips Audio-In, and configure the in-coming Audio in the Monitor: then I could work. At the end of the session I just closed down everything as per normal. However: The next time I booted up for a session - there was no sound what so ever.

I unpluged the Audio out from my HP and configure the audio to use the HDMI out and that worked once again as per normal.

Right now, I am struggling with trying to hear sound through JACK Sink - either on HDMI or the HP Analogue Audio out/Philips Audio-In.

I hope this info is helpful in your own trouble-shooting efforts.

yeah i was considering a similar option when i posted this question, connecting the motherboard audio card audio out to the monitor audio in , I knew it will work but I thought that I will not lose anything by asking here for a solution to my HDMI2 Audio problem. I have tested Jack with motherboard audio card and it works fine. All I need is a cable to connect the two which probably I will buy.