IVPN's Linux graphical user interface and Manjaro

So my VPN provider IVPN supports Linux by creating a VPN graphical user interface. However they only offer two versions of Linux software. Their Linux support only includes installation files for .deb and .rpm. I understand that neither .rpm or .deb can be installed on Manjaro’s version of Linux. It is a shame that Linux installation files are fragmented into many incompatible formats.

This forum is blocking me from posting a link to the IVPN Linux installation files:

My noob research has shown that I cant install the IVPN Linux IVPN user interface on Manjaro. What would be the best way forward to get a third linux / Manjaro version of their VPN graphical userinterface? If I was to send them (IVPN) an Email - what should I ask for? OR can this be done through Pacman somehow added? One day all the different fragmented incompatible Linux installation files will merge into one…

Thank you.

Hi Misly,

If the client is not in the normal repositories then you have the option to get it as a flatpak / snap if your provider/developer makes it available there. Use pamac to search and install. There is also the option of the AUR witch seems to have a ivpn client/gui. Remember that AUR packages are not officially supported.


Hello @Misly,

I am glad to inform you that IVPN software is already available in AUR. You can find it by package name ‘ivpn-ui’ on the AUR website.

We will update our website soon with the information about new possibilities to install IVPN client on Linux.

Best regards,
IVPN software developer


Can confirm. I’m also an IVPN customer. Have both ivpn and ipvn-ui (both from aur) installed and it works great