IVPN doesn't work

I purchased this VPN service today and i have a problem with connecting to it. I use the IVPN client from snap. When i try connecting i get the following message:

"Connection error: failed to set manual DNS: DNS error: failed to backup DNS configuration: rename /etc/resolv.conf /etc/-resolv.conf.ivpnsave: permission denied

Has anyone experience with this sort of problems or IVPN on manjaro in general?

Have you started/enabled the service?

systemctl status ivpn-service.service

But why should it be called ivpn.service?

So no it doesnt work.

Because that is what the script is called - it’s in the PKGBUILD:

PKGBUILD - aur.git - AUR Package Repositories

… and it isn’t called:

it’s called:

is there another command i can try?

Im sry, i have the snap package, i thought it was from AUR but it wasnt.

I have no idea
and have exactly zero experience with snap packages and how they operate within a system.

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ok anyways thank you very much

one suggestion (perhaps you can get your money back after you apparently already bought it …)
mullvad vpn
5 bucks a month
no need to buy a long subscription - use as needed on a monthly basis
price is always the same

Feature wise and price wise it looks superior.
And I know it works well.

The Arch wiki has a detailed description on how to set up and use it.

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Please read documentation. If you still need help, contact IVPN support.

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sounds great, thank you for the recommendation

i did and i will thank you.

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