I've managed to create a config of alsa that fixes problems with my laptop, what should I contact to get it upstream?

So basically I managed to work-around two things in my laptop - mute led not working and microphone issues (wrong channels, wrong detection, static…).
Laptop is HP-dc0019ur. The issue is not fixed as of right now, and I’m using the latest kernel (5.10.1-xanmod-manjaro from AUR).

Using modprobe.d snd-hda-intel option “hp-line1-mic1” the mute led would work, using option “headset-mic” microphones (internal, headphones, dedicated mic) would work correctly. So trade-offs with both.

Recently I tried (again) to fiddle around with HDAJackRetask and found a way to get both mute led to work and have correctly set mic’s. Some pin overrides and using “hp-line1-mic1”. The small discrepancy is that GUI shows headphones mic as “Front mic”, but that does not affect usage.

I am not an ALSA dev, so I have no idea how I would translate that into a pull request.
I want to contact a dev and ask them to translate this into code and make a commit upstream. I have made a github issue a long time ago, noone responded. So I should contact ALSA maintainer specified in Linux maintainers (I found one full-time maintainer from Redhat)? Or write to some mailing list? Maybe someone has a better idea :slight_smile:

There are over 15 kernel patches specific to HP for this group of audio codecs
one of the other modprobe options may work better on your hardware

You could file a bug report at https://bugzilla.kernel.org/ if a report has not already been made for this hardware

The developers would need a detailed explanation of changes made in ‘hdajackretask’
and ALSA data for both default (non-working) state and current state:

alsa-info --no-upload

you could boot from Live ISO to get ALSA data for default state

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