I've just lost 3 accounts and now my IP is banned

So i see today i had to create a new account because my old one is lost. I created a new account to ask what was happening, i managed to create a copy of my old account but now the system have not only removed some of my accounts but banned my static IP now?

Iv done nothing wrong, please help if it blocks or bans me again iv got no email address or vpns left

Please please dont block or ban me again :frowning:

According to the logs there is no IP address collisions for your current username.

However - since some uses VPN - it happens a user is flagged as sockpuppet simply because commenting or creating topics collide - and the forum software get’s very annoyed.


You were told to contact the team if you wanted to have your account renamed, but instead you chose to simply create an additional account, which as I gather is not allowed. I myself am not a staff member here, but I am an administrator at three other forums, and at two of them, creating additional accounts is not allowed either.

Anyway, somebody flagged you ─ for the record, it wasn’t me.

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Iv dont use vpn’s, i was only using it because my IP is blocked. I can not login without a vpn now at all but this is the first time iv used a vpn for years.

Basically i can not login from my home IP address, i need that reversed please.

what do you mean “creating additional accounts is not allowed” I had to create an additional account as my old one has been deleted, i thought that was what you were saying?

Last IP Address 62.113.194.xx
Registration IP Address 81.187.137.xx

Maybe you have received an IP previously blocked for spamming?

I don’t know.

I just want my normal old account back, :frowning: is that to much :frowning: If the accounts had all been destroyed then my old email address must have been free for me to use and re-create my “old” account. Was all i wanted.

No, you created an account called @whycantilogin or something of the likes, and then you created the account you are using now on top of that.

No accounts has been deleted - not on purpose - but in case you haven’t noticed - the forum did suffer a breakdown - which warranted a complete rebuild and all user logins and history is staged at archived.forum.manjaro.org - no one is getting their old account back - not even mods.

my personal IP is static and iv had it for years 81.187.137.*

Sorry, I banned you by accident, because you created a second account from the same IP.
I will unblock your IP in a moment.
Update: I set it to Allow for now. Later we will probably remove the rule.

For anybody else: Please, avoid creating multiple accounts, because it is against forum rules. Forum Rules - Manjaro Linux


Ok im sorry but this is what i did:

  1. i could not login
  2. i created a new account so i could talk with someone (the whycantilogin one)
  3. i was grateful for the help received which suggested i should “re-create” my account
  4. i logged out and re-created (same old email and user name) my old account.
  5. I tried to thank the helpful people on the thread with new/old account.
  6. i was blocked and my IP banned.
  7. so i switched on my vpn (for the first time in years) just to speak with the forum.

I am truly sorry whatever iv done wrong but i just want my old account name etc
Thank you for your help.

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O, thank you, im really sorry if i was the cause of this but i was starting to get really worried there for a moment.

I should have just deleted the second account without “Delete & Block User”.

For anybody else: Please, avoid creating multiple accounts, because it is against forum rules. Forum Rules - Manjaro Linux

However, what was i supposed to do in this case. I could not login with my old account, so at that point what option except create another account to communicate ? I would never have thought of re-creating my old account (same email/user) at that point as i had no idea it had been completely removed, it would have been fruitless to try and create an account that already existed, hence the “whycantilogin” account, it was temp until i could get some advice. Only then did i realize my old account was completely gone and that i should re-create it.

Anyhow , cheers