It seems Ubuntu will have updated drivers for Nvidia like Manjaro from their GUI

Yep, this is it. They will not depend on a ppa anymore to receive latest Nvidia drivers, as you can see here

I always bragged about the fact Manjaro offers updated drivers easily, it seems Ubuntu is going to do the same, at least for Nvidia only.


IMO, good for Ubuntu users but it can be somewhat bad for Manjaro since one of the differences between Ubuntu and Manjaro was the fact it always gets the latest (or kind of; compared to Arch) version of packages, desktop enviroments and drivers since it is a rolling release distro. Now, Ubuntu users will brag about that like saying to us:

"Hey, we do not need to use a rolling release (that unstable thing) to get newest drivers easily, no need of manual instation, we have a stable distro with newest drivers, now we are partially similar to Manjaro". LMAO

I don't think so. In my time with Manjaro (early 2016), it has never been about envy but about sharing.

I think it is great Ubuntu is going to offer Nvidia drivers - the same way Manjaro does - the userbase will benefit and that is what using Linux is about.

The greatest honor Open Source developers can get is when somebody clone or forks the code, because that means the developer(s) has created something of value.


I don't have NVIDIA hardware so therefore going by your own skewed logic about burning software not being necessary that means nobody else needs this feature and it should be dropped from all distributions :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


you mean they are going to do what they should have been doing the whole time?

what a coincidence it is that after announcing they will drop support for lib32 thus breaking gaming for most, then backpedaled after seeing a lot of their users would drop ubuntu if they dropped 32bit support, and even then it's "frozen".
now to keep ubuntu users from leaving ubuntu they say will do what they should of always done anyhow.

not to mention that manjaro is better in many other ways as well and i dont think people come here just for the drivers so im sure this is hardly threatening and ubuntu will always try and do this kind of stuff if they think they can get away with it. :face_vomiting: . if thats what you want in a distro, here ya go

one of the reasons why I switched away from ubuntu was outdated nvidia drivers indeed

I needed this thing more then 4 years ago

but did you stay because of the drivers? i couldnt imagine to go back to the ubuntu/mint way after using manjaro. both mint/ubuntu installed without any fuss on my optimus laptop but my first time setting up manjaro took a good 3-4 days of trying different things to make it work so for me, it wasnt the drivers :sweat_smile:. it was everything else and not even just because of PPA's which btw i hated with a passion. aside from video drivers, i had more problems with ubuntu then i ever had with manjaro and even the video driver issue is easily fixed when you know where to look for help.

Quit trying to stir up shlt.


I stayed because of the packaging and other things

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I like manjaro because I can make my own spin easily. and modify it how I want.
Most of it is it takes less time and learning.
Its also very simple creating packages using pkgbuild and you have AUR if you want something which runs on Linux AUR has it.

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  1. can they identify all nvidia Cards and drivers required ?
  2. that do no works always with laptop & bumblebee
  3. leaving 32 bits is something bad in drivers nivdia , how many works in 64 bits ?
  4. don't forget all trouble on files Xorg & laptop ( videos , tactils , etc) and no nouveau modules ... and kernel taunted...

Well ubuntu was doing that 10years ago but in the end after a 100+ spins Ubuntu just got fed up with being the help line for those 100+ spins.
Again with Nvidia drivers Ubuntu had a driver tool GUI that found and installed the correct driver from before 2008.
Manjaro was not conceived let alone born, Nvidia driver went to ppa to promote their new toy.
Just like they are promoting their new toy snaps everything will go to snaps, in a few years they will drop that to to come up with a better way called a repository.



oooh repository that sounds fancy, what will it do?

They are still working that one out Lol :wink: they set a time line for 5 years for it to be implemented. after they announce dropping Snap.


Don’t use Ubuntu, don’t use nVidia, don’t care.