It is safe to delete the microcode?

Is it safe to use Manjaro without the microcode? Either by removing the grub line, /boot/intel-ucode.img, when the system starts by pressing the letter “e”, or uninstalling intel-ucode especially with Meltdown and Spectree. Because if the microcode is for something, right?

I wouldn’t do that as you could bork your system. The latest microcode patches provides work arounds of the Meltdown and Spectre bugs.

can also keep your computer from booting up as will. soo might as will keep it around. it not like it using up a lot hdd space.

It is the only way I have found in which the overclock works

Do you really get that much benefit from overclocking to risk stability? In any case you be able to overclock without removing the microcode.

Well, if I do not delete the microcode, it does not work for me. Can you explain how I can overclock without removing the microcode?

you should wisely think about :
1 - need to drop , for only overclock ( manufacturers motherboard should be blame for that ) , and lost ALL SECURITY about Meltdown and Cie
2 - Security first , if trouble on overclock , keep on max standard

i have a skylake series i6700k , and i hope that there will no more discovers and loss bench in the years , Intel has failed.

I agree, safety first, that’s why I’m asking how to overclock, because I do not want to overclock by removing the microcode.

Just to be very clear,

Can you bootup with microcode and without overclocking?

I think OP refers to the following thread:

My suggestion was to use the processor.ignore_ppc=1 boot parameter… and making sure that TLP is disabled.

Is my memory “fawlty” or weren’t there online articles a few months ago about some distros–Red Hat, maybe?–who had removed the Intel microcode from their distros in order to evade some version of Spectre or Meltdown?


You can remove it.

Just run sudo grub-mkconfig to rebuild the grub config

Whether it is safe is a completely different matter.

And frankly I have no idea :slight_smile:

But as you mention spectre, meltdown etc. though most of the mitigations are kernel related some mitigation might reside in the microcode.

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in special case of VM only , for Redhat , not in real hardware !

Indeed that will work 100% fine if the OP is willing to chance having a more vulnerable system. If however the motherboard manufacturer has released an UEFI firmware update recently the microcode could already be patched to some level so how vulnerable it really is depends on that element too.

I removed the intel-ucode from my AMD system (it has amd-ucode installed instead) and then ran

sudo update-grub

hola, pido disculpas por no haber contestado antes, pero no me ha sido posible.
torvic, he probado a incluir processor.ignore_ppc=1 en el grub y ademas he desisntalado TLP y sigue sin funcionar. Ademas, si intento cambiar processor.ignore_ppc de 0 a 1 en /sys/module/processor/parameters/ignore_pp
me aparece este error.

Hello, I apologize for not having answered before, but it has not been possible for me.
gohlip, if I can start with microcode and without overclock

Hello, I apologize for not having answered before, but it has not been possible for me.
micsim35, my motherboard is an Asus x99-deluxe / usb 3.1 and the last update is from 2017/05/26 and it is already updated.

That’s what may be the problem, not overclocking by itself.
If we cannot boot with microcode without overclocking, it is not possible to boot microcode with overclocking. The issue may not be overclocking.

Do you have grub-customizer installed or in the past, installed it?
Any grub-repair done or in the past?
If yes, remove grub-customizer and all its remnants in /etc/default/grub.d
And continue below.

If no, install again intel-ucode, Reinstall grub and update-grub.
ps: there’s no need to do ‘mkinitcpio’ as we don’t put microcode in the kernels.
But I tend to make everything safe just in case, so a ‘mkinitcpio -P’ may be done as well.

Good luck. If this don’t help, I cannot help further on overclocking.

gohlip, yes, I repeat if I can start with microcode without overclock and I do not have installed or
I have installed in the past grub-customizer. The intel-ucode is installed.
Thanks for your help gohlip.

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hi no problem about not answering we all have lives away from the forum and manjaro. in that case it’s not really adviseable to delete the microcode but it’s your choice if you are willing to risk being exposed to the vulnerabilities it patches.

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