It is possible to invalidate the grub bootloader by updating the BIOS Firmware?

Today i decided to update my Bios Firmware. When trying to boot Manjaro i was dropped back to the grub rescue command line with the message:

symbol ‘grub_calloc’ not found

In the end, i managed to use the grub menu from a live USB to load the EFI bootloader.
Once fired up i reinstalled grub with:

sudo grub-install

Now looking at the entries at boot i can see, beside the usual ‘UEFIos 860 EVO’, the new entry ‘Manjaro 860 EVO’. The latter is the one that works.
Now my question is: could a BIOS firmware update make the UEFI code stored on the drive obsolete, invalidating it and thus making it unbootable?

Hello @Leprotto :wink:

Possible. My guess is here, since during the upgrade the whole EFI gets overwritten, it recreated the EFI entry wrong (the name changed) and therefore grub could not be loaded.

Myself i had never issues at my UEFIs.

Every single time I update my BIOS I have to use Manjaro Live USB to restore GRUB.

After restoring from Manjaro Live USB I can boot normally, then I do another sudo update-grub from normal system to make sure entries are correct.

Updating the firmware will not break grub.

What sometime happens is the firmware’s NVRAM holding the locations of the registered boot entries is overwritten.

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In my case what is sure is that I have no possibility to boot Manjaro at all after I update the BIOS. Not from the BIOS (UEFI) itself, not from the boot menu, nothing works.