Issues with v letter, it doesnt working


I just figured that my letter on laptop “v” doesnt working.
It looks like some app or KDE using it as a shortcut or something.

How to check this ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, is it working if you launch another Linux distro with USB key session ? Or if you have a Windows dual boot ?

Otherwise you have the shortcuts tab in the system panel.

Hi, yes, it is working fine on Xfce and liue distro. No dual boot, only Manjaro atm.

You could check then the shortcuts menus, especially the customs shortcuts one.

I can not find nothing specific for that letter.

But I think I found way. When I close Yakuake, letter is working.
on the other side, in yakuake shortcut also there is not "v” asign …weird

Seems like a bug for croatian keyboard. Check if there some issues like this.

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wow, thanks…so need to change my keyboard layout xD

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