Issues with raise/lower window on KDE plasma when using the mousewheel


Bit of a niche issue, but i thought i’d ask anyway.
There’s a setting under Window Management/Window Behavior/Window actions (tab) which allows you to assign actions to a combination of a modifier key and a mouse action.
One of the possible mouse actions is the use of the mouse wheel, and one possible window action for it is Raise/Lower screen.
I thought it’d be a great way to flip through my open windows, so i assigned that action to the mousewheel with the Meta key as the modifier, but for some reason it doesn’t work as expected.
When i press the modifier key and scroll down, the windows are indeed lowered, but when scrolling up nothing happens. While this still allows me to go through my open windows, being able to move only in one direction is a bit tedious. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Any more info i need to provide?



Assuming you mean these settings:

then please note that this applies only to the “inner window”. Once you have minimized it, the action cannot apply (because a minimized window has no “inner window”.

Or am I getting something wrong?


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