Issues with last Manjaro KDE Update

Updated my system 3 days ago for the last available update as per Octopi; I did and all seemed to be fine, yet I’m starting to find issues:

  1. System icons in the pannel, are smaller. They are not propportionate to application icons (anchored and active tasks). Re-sizing panel does not change them.
  2. In some web sites using FFox, video quality went down (kind of slow)
  3. GNOME Player was working perfectly before the update; now, it does not play videos and the applicatiion window cannot be closed (unles I kill the process)
  4. VLC plays videos but now there is no sound

Is there someting I can do, to go back to my previous Manjaro version? :pensive:

There has been some discussion about the systray icon size. The following fixed it for me…

Edit the file ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc
After every line that commences extraItems= add another line iconSize=3

After a reboot the icons should have a much higher limit of size when adjusting the height of the panel.
Hope this helps.


Manjaro does not have versions per say. It’s a rolling distro.

What you can do is downgrade packages, but it’s a workaround, not a solution.

1: The smaller icon size is something everyone got I think.
2: Video performance are usually because of driver issues.
3: Launch the player from a terminal and watch the output for what happens if you press the close button, any errors?
4: Probably you just need to redefine your aufio device, either in sound settings or in VLC it self. KDE uses many pr application sound settings.

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For the audio issue, checkout the ‘Confuguration’ tab in ‘pavucontrol’.

This is interesting: what I find is that when playing a video in a FFox Web Page, VLC loses the sound, and GNOME Player just can’t play. If I close FFox, now VLC and GPlayer can work.
Even within FFox, if I’m playing a video of let’s say, NBC News, Youtube cannot play. If I play Youtobe, NBC video has no sound. :astonished:

This one, solved. Thank you !

Thats a feature, not a bug. How many tabs in firefox do you want playing at once?

Thats a feature, not a bug. How many tabs in firefox do you want playing at once?

Mmm… wired feature, and not helpful.

If I played YouTube, I have to close close FFox (regardless of opened tabs) and re-start it in order to be able to hear NBC News videos. Not very normal from my perspective, specially adding what I commented, on external players blocked if FF was playing something.

How do I find this?

.config is a hiden directory in your home directory. Using the file mananager, press Alt-. and you will see it

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Thanks! Oddly, using Dolphin, I found I needed to use Alt+. to show hidden files.

Why do you say “oddly”? Its been that why since the Pleistocene.

There is also an option on the View menu. And if you use that feature every single minute you can add a toggle to the toolbar.

Sound and video problem, solved here

All solved now ! :relaxed:

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