Issues with grub rescue

So I used a vid to help set monitor settings and rebooted after changes. However, after entering the master key, I would get a message about mapping.

/dev/mapper/luks-256dbfa-9828-4db1-bfb8-fa940205e798: clean, 2197603/files, 22036572/62512163 blocks

So I did some research through my tablet due to my computer being seemingly on lockdown. And found that I can start up Grub by holding down Shift at startup. Which gave me:

Grub rescue>
I entered ‘e’ in which it responded:
Unnkown command.

Did some more research and was told to enter these commands:
set prefix=(hd1,gpt7)/boot/grub/
set root=(hd1,gpt7)
insmos normal

However, after entering insmod normal I get back:

error: hd1 cannot get C/H/S.

Where do I go from here?

FYI, I completley removed Windows 10 OS and have only Linux Manjaro KDE installed. It was a recent(within the last month) install so I can almost safely assume the most recent version.

so if you boot your pc you get stuck at the … clean … files … blocks?

Yeah Im a noob at Manjaro so what info I gave you is what I have. But hey, exp learning more about it right?

can you enter into tty in the stuck screen with ctrl+alt+f2 if f2 doesnt work try with f1-f6 keys instead of f2

And that is a big YES to your question. It happened last night before bed and I fell asleep waiting for it to do anything. Woke up to the same thing…

Ok let me reboot and try.

what do you mean reboot, so can you boot normally or are you stuck at the … clean … files … blocks screen?

Ok new prob. I have a master and regular login. It asks me for both but when I enter them in dif combos nothing works. Did my logins get altered somehow?

Ok, I can reboot using the terrible pwr button. The worst for comps I know…

To be more precise, it says:
Crystal ILC login:

Sorry for slow responses using tablet so hunting and pecking order.

what do you mean a master and a regular login? use your username and enter your password in the tty

Ok now I am super dumb…

Forgot usrname…

Is there a way to recover/reset this in BIOS?

you dont remember your username? … do you have a usb of manjaro? … and no you cant recover it from bios

I still have the usb drive I used to install, just I had a bunch of school notes and other related files I (stupidly) did not save to a usb before this.

so boot into the live usb of manjaro, and chroot into your installation:
connect to internet in the live usb, open terminal, and run this command:
sudo manjaro-chroot -a
then we will continue

I am still in the tty screen so again noob. But do I manually shut down then plug in usb and turn comp back on. Just dbl checking since I made myself a real mess of things.

well if you dont remember your username you cannot really enter into tty… so just reboot, and boot into the usb

Ok did that, and gives me error:

===>ERROR: No Linux partitions detected!

you have encrypted partition?

Dont think so…

from your first post it looks like you have luks: /dev/mapper/luks

Well, I honestly do not remeber which files came with my install, I do recall having to add something else with it to make sure it installed properly, but my memory sux when its something Ive only done once…