Issues with fonts in Qt applications


I hope that someone might have an idea what’s up with fonts that Qt-based applications. System is set to use Arial 9pt - as in title bar of windows but for some reason, Qt applications are using this bold font. Due to dealing with nvidia drivers issue recently I’ve decided to reinstall Manjaro and this happens since install and wasn’t present in the older system.

I know there are some ways of controlling fonts behavior but it seems some changes were done in last patches to the Qt support - at least that’s what I managed to see in pamac update log for a second.

The issues doesn’t seem to be DE-specific and exist in both Gnome and Xfce; base system was Manjaro Gnome. Not sure if there are ways of controlling fonts in Kvantum Manager.

Issue resolved itself - Arial font is to blame; changing it to anything else gives regular style of selected font. Still, it’s a weird issue.