Issues uploading with rsync


Having some issues uploading with rsync large 2gb files, 2 days to upload 1 file as it keeps hanging, when I am way from the PC. no output just hangs in the shell,

Rsync -avP --progress --partial

Any alternatives that work better?

Or maybe am doing something wrong, my internet connection is slow 12mbps if i am lucky.


$ rsync --progress -aP --fuzzy --checksum --no-whole-file ./17.1.8.iso

if it breaks you may reupload. However, we have added an automatic re-upload feature with 10 tries in deployiso script.

Usage: deployiso [options]
-d Use hidden remote directory
-h This help
-l Limit bandwidth in kB/s [default: 10000]
-p Source folder to upload [default: default]
-q Query settings and pretend upload
-s Sign ISO and create checksums
-t Create ISO torrent
-u Update remote directory
-v Verbose output

[RPI2/3] Manjaro-ARM 18.05 MATE Released

That’s exactly what I need thanks


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