Issues Transferring Everything to new Drive

Does changing the UUID of a vfat partition invalidate a Windows install?


A few days ago, I received the 1 TB SSD that I ordered a while ago! I’m having a bit of trouble copying everything over. (small drive to big drive)

I am dual booting with Windows 10. The issue is that I had my different partitions spread across multiple drives-- grub/efi boot and Windows was on my 128 SSD (which was the drive I was going to replace), and Manjaro was installed in one partition on my HDD.

What I have done is copied over the boot and Windows partitions to the new drive with dd (I figure that since Windows complains about a lot of stuff, I should have everything exactly as it was). Then, I installed Manjaro onto the new drive just planning to rsync my home directory from the old partition into the new one. I have done that.

My current issue is that, after installing grub on the new drive, booting from it still boots into the old partition. I checked fstab, and everything looks fine. I think that using dd to copy the other partitions had also copied the boot’s UUID, and so when I boot from the new disk it is actually using the old partition (or something like that) that references the old install. I can confirm that at least the UUIDs are the same with lsblk -f.

I suppose that what I’m most concerned about is changing the UUID of the new partition-- since Windows doesn’t like changes, I feel as though changing the UUID would invalidate the install and prevent Windows from booting.

My original plan was to simply dd everything, boot into it, resize partitions on Windows, and then install Manjaro. I think I could still do this if I wipe the drive and start fresh, but I was hoping that someone here would have insight as to how I could solve this issue before I do that.

Of course, if anyone needs more information about something I will post it.

Thank you.

you need to chroot from USB live iso
boot on USB live iso
open a terminal

get all UUID

sudo fsblk -fs 

update /etc/fstab UUID

sudo manjaro-chroot -a 
nano /etc/fstab 
exit ( end chroot )

then redo with good UUID

sudo manjaro-chroot -a 
sudo update-grub
exit ( end chroot )