Issues setting up manjaro on Acer Predator Helios 300

Hello all!
Im installing manjaro on my laptop a Acer predator Helios 300 and having some issues.
Everything seems to work fine booting via the one-time boot selection menu (f12) but I cant select manjaro in the boot order, so windows always boots first when you power on the laptop unless you press f12, then select manjaro, and then select manjaro again.
Im not sure where to go from here, I was initially worried maybe my bios was not showing legacy boots but, I checked and I installed manjaro as uefi just the same as windows. So that’s not it, in the bios boot order all I see is a single entry, 2. i thought maybe it was a glitch so I updated my bios to the latest version and no change.
What should I try next? Thanks!

I was able to fix this on my own! It seems its just some sort of display issue in the bios, if you “feel around” you can tell where the buttons should be, but are not. So if you just close your eyes you can get things in the right order blindly.