Issues running Google Earth

Hi, I am having following long-term issues running Google Earth on Linux (previously Ubuntu, now Manjaro, but with same symptoms).

  • While accessing password protected remote source of kml data, credentials are not saved even when related checkbox is checked so I have to enter it every time I open it again.

  • After waking system up from suspended state address search stops working, I can enter any string to editbox but nothing happens after hitting search button. So I have to close and open application, (enter credentials) few times every day.

I anyone have fix for one of these issues it would make me very happy. :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Hi @longerCZE, and welcome!

This issue:

Sounds like some kind of permissions problem.

This one:

I have absolutely no idea.

All I can suggest is that you clear any and all of its configurations. And I don’t know where they are.

It’s also worth noting, that I don’t think the software google earth is much supported any more. I think it’s mainly Chrome now.

So try it with Chrome and see.


While kml/z files are not password protected, can you explain how you access it and how the files are encrypted?

No idea :man_shrugging:

Actualy, they are not encrypted. They are just htaccess protected on the server side. Access prompt is shown by Earth.

I think it should be stored to manjaro-keyring and it should be accessible by applications running under normal user. There is no Earth-like entry in keyring.

Clearing config/cache not helping. I have the same behaviour for years on different distros.
Earth is still developed and updated. Chrome version doesn’t support large external KML files so it’s not an option for me.