Issues installing Mabox on 3.7TB drive



I’m having issues installing Mabox from the livecd onto my newly installed hard drive (4TB Seagate Barracuda SATA).

When I go through the mabox-calamares wizard as per normal, when it gets to the partitions bit I’ve tried the following;

  1. Select “manual partitioning”
  2. Create a new GPT partition table (as I want to use as much as the ~3.7TB for my Mabox installation)
  3. Click “create” partition, leaving it as ext4 filesystem, tick the encrypt tickbox and enter my desired LUKS passphrase
  4. Change the install boot loader selection to “System partition (/)” (as there isn’t a MBR Boot record, since I’ve just changed to to GPT)
  5. Enter the user name, pc name, password etc then start the install

Mabox does its best to install but I get something similar to the screenshot in this

I have seen @gohlip’s post here, but not sure how to implement the advice.

What am I doing wrong and how can I install Mabox, otherwise I’ll just revert back to straightforward XFCE edition.



This may be due to the fact that the parameters apply to 17.0.1 issue of Mabox.
It may be version 17.0.3 now. Can you check the other (main) link on the new parameters to boot up if you are using the newer version? And note you will need to use the right grub in the correct mode (uefi or bios-legacy).

In GPT partitioning and UEFI, you will need to select a FAT32 partition ($esp) as mount point for /boot/efi (and boot up in uefi). If you want to use GPT and bios-legacy (I don’t recommend it for you); you will need to have a bios_grub partition and flagged as such to install (and boot up in bios-legacy).

There’s your mistake here.

Oh, best to prepare all partitions before OS installation.
And another thing, I (and most) people don’t use LUKS encryption. I (and most people) cannot help you with it (but I don’t think that is your current problem).

Good luck.


Ok thanks, I have a copy.of systemrescue cd so I can use that to create all the partitions necessary before trying to install mabox or Mankato xfce.

Any size recommendations for the boot (esp) partition?


gparted is suited for this purpose.

$esp for /boot/efi mount - 150 MB is sufficient.
$esp for /boot mount (not recommended for grub2 installs) needs at least 300MB.

ps: do not use $esp and boot as synonymous. They are not the same.


Ok, so I’ve just used gparted to create the following partitions

/dev/sda1 Fat32 300MB - set the esp flag in gparted and it’s ticked both boot and esp
/dev/sda2 Ext4 3.64TB - no flags set

It has a GPT partition table set

I’m not going to try and install Mabox now but later in the day, when I come to that, what should I do to ensure the livecd recognises the hard drive has a gpt setup and/or uses grub or grub2 to install?



Nothing. Just boot up install media in UEFI, and select the $esp as mount point /boot/efi.


I’m not sure I can boot the media in UEFI mode.

I’m currently using a DVD with Mabox 17.02 X64 image image burned on it.

When I boot the livecd up, it goes into GRUB rather then UEFI as far as I understand it.

So if there is a way to boot to UEFI mode I’d love it hear it (any comment @napcok?)


Why not? Is your system only bios-legacy?
Then first create that bios_grub partition (unformatted - 2 MB), flag it and install as bios-legacy.


Yep. I’ve now used the same Mabox DVD on a HP Pavilion laptop I have and was given the EFI boot choice.

I’ve changed the previous fat32 formatted boot partition and flagged it via gparted as bios_grub and legacy_boot. I couldn’t leave it unformatted, so chose Ext4.

So I’m guessing that should be enough?


No. bios_grub partition must be unformatted.


Yep realised my mistake.

All sorted now many thanks for your help.