Issues I found in using linux as new user (former windows enthusiast)

Hey there linux enthusiasts,
My name is Jakub and I would like to briefly discuss the trials and tribulations using Manjaro Linux, my first serious attempt at running a linux OS full time. My first 2 months or so have been filled with frustration and pain, regarding many parts of the OS. I have 2 2TB harddrives running in raid 1 which I am unable to write to, I have tried solving this issue many times and have even destroyed my installation following a tutorial on how to read from my drives (these were originally formatted in NTFS in windows), this issue is still ongoing and I would appreciate some help with it. I also encountered and issue where when I would transfer my windows files over to linux my desktop would screech to a halt, making all actions on the desktop unbearably slow. I also enjoy how easy updating the system is on manjaro with pacman. If I could solve not being able to write to my drives, which I’ve spend at least 20 hours trying to figure out I would stay on Manjaro, however the fact that this operating system breaks so much means I will go back to the much more stable and reliable Windows 10

I have never used KDE for the same reason.

Some users has next to none issues with KDE - and while others are on the brink of insanity due to bugs and regressions with nearly every update of KDE desktop.

I have been a Manjaro user since early 2016 and Manjaro as a base system is as stable as Arch.

It is environments like Gnome and KDE - fancy and sparky - yet explosive and to be kept at 10-feet distance - which is giving Manjaro bad press.

XFCE is the most stable of the official editions and the community #contributions:spins are worth giving a spin too.

All my years with GNU/Linux systems has taught me one thing - the hard way - fancy systems breaks often - keep it simple - and the system will never let you down


Your experience does not make your assertion a fact.

I’m glad I didn’t have any liquid in my mouth. :rofl:



I changed your title to the topic. Nothing you described can be considered as bug, but rather lack of understanding (nothing derogatory) on how to deal with multiboot and files on different filesystems. Please read:

I’m sorry i have to disagree with you in this one. If the OP had difficulties to deal with files cross multiple filesystems, that would have happen regardless the DE or WM or whatever linux they tried for the first time.


You could try to ask for a help on the forum first, maybe someone would be able to help you, if you still want help for it create a post in #support

also if you talk about software raid, Linux has much better support for software raid than Windows ever had,
the problem is the NTFS I am suspecting,
the driver everyone used for NTFS until now was userspace one, not okay, now there was added NTFS driver from paragon right into kernel, Manjaro’s kernel 5.15.2 has that driver enabled, you just have to change how you mount the drive and so on but better overall would be if used EXT4(which you maybe already use but from the post it’s not very clear), NTFS just is not good idea with Linux, now it got much better but by your post it seems you use the userspace driver called ntfs-3g


Welcome aboard Manjaro :+1:

No. Seriously, I’ve been here since 2017 and my current KDE rig is more or less two and a half years old. I haven’t had to do a single re-install. Other than a few minor niggles from time to time there have been no problems that couldn’t be sorted out pretty quickly.

You have to take the rough with the smooth as a newbie, and reading Update Announcements and The Wiki notwithstanding communicating here on The Forum can get you through those difficult times.

Good luck :vulcan_salute:


If you are a windows user coming to linux for the first time then xfce or cinnamon are going to be the easiest DE’s to adjust to. Both are rock stable and have a windows feel to them. Personally cinnamon is my go to DE, tried so many but keep coming back to it


Hi @Enjneer // Jakub.
Do you require assistance?

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just about ANY raids filesystem in Apple , Microsoft , Unix and Linux

  1. they use their own Id Fs Type for that this is not the same for one disk , Grub and command parted / cfdisk , etc do not recognize theses disks files systems ( os-prober also )

  2. any of theses files systems Raid used their own drivers , most are soft raid , this is NOT Cross platform filesystems!

  3. in your case , if their any data still important on your Raid1 disks NTFS raid you should stop any write on and see how to backup / repair ( if it is possible ) , with professionals

for your information , Linux use only soft Raid ( see man mdadm , or LV disks ) ,
all these filesystems do a format on disks before using under linux


You are welcome :slight_smile:

I couldn’t make heads or tails in OP - but it has become a norm that such users create an account just to stir the waters and usually they never read the responses.

It is merely my impression from the forum - as I also pointed out some have no issues and some have them all.

Example After Plasma 5.23.3 update I'm disappointed with development focus and unfixed regressions


I totally agree, one day past with no answer, no demand for real help on the issue… :see_no_evil:


Regarding the issue to ready NTFS file system from windows, maybe the new NTFS driver available with kernel 5.15.2 can fix it. You could give a try, or you could back to windows and change your current set up removing the RAID from NTFS, make proper back-up and then create RAID with EXT4 filesystem native from Linux

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That i agree 100% … thanks :wink:

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