Issue with the color correction settings

I have a problem with the color correction setting. The colors of my monitor (sRGB) look a bit faded on Manjaro KDE, so I usually use Redshfit to fix that, setting the gamma to 0.8. Due to KDE 5.17 has Night Color feature I thought that maybe Redshift could not be necessary anymore.

I've removed Redshift and I have tried to change the gamma valor from the KDE gamma settings with no luck, the system returns me this error:

And after each boot/reboot I have to go to the KDE gamma settings in order to activate the color correction.

That's my inxi:

I also have deleted the plasma cache folder, I manually edit the .nvidia-settings-rc, I try with the nvidia-settings app, no success...

I don't know what I'm missing... :roll_eyes:

I've discovered that when the Night Color feature is enabled the gamma correction setting doesn't work anymore. Maybe a bug?


PD: Someone has already filled a bug:

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