Issue with recent stable update

When I update with the newest GNOME packages, My entire layout changes. My dash is reset to an enormous size and put at the bottom. My background is completely grey on one screen and the other screen looks as if I’m switching workspaces. My top bar is also missing a lot of the icons such as my Nextcloud Client, Caffeine, Backslide, etc.

I cannot click on any applications to run them, and no keyboard input is recognized. I cannot even drop to a tty. The only input I experience is on the login screen. After that, all I can do is move the mouse. I did not experience any errors while running the update.

I’ve currently used Timeshift to revert back to a previous version.

welcome to gnome 40
at the log in screen select gnome xorg, in gnome 40 wayland is the default.

a lot of extensions don’t work on gnome 40, default will be to disable them.

dock on the bottom is the new default gnome 40