Issue with menus

have an bug with all kde menu, its every second updating and cant click on anything

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I wonder if this is somehow related to my desktop freezing up after this update. If I’m watching a video, the audio will still play but everything else is frozen. I have switched from the video-linux driver I was using to the Nvidia 390xx driver. Will see how that ends up going.

with all menus, every second

This may be relatad:

same problem for me in my second laptop with the new iso kde 20.2, impossible to enter in all applications menus.
I tried by downloading several iso and installing them from several keys but nothing changes. I also see that some windows cannot be resized … except for these bugs the installation and the restart everything went correctly

mv ~/.config/mimeapps.list ~/.local/share/applications/
as stated in the above link and see if the problem sort of “fixed”.

Got the same problem on freshly installed Manjaro 20.2, but only with the Applications section. Other sections work as they intended to.

the solution is apparently temporary cat when i restart the bug comes back

Not for me, unless I create a new file using, for exmple, “settings” app to create new “default apps” list.
However, here is a more solid “solution”:

I think that for me the menu rebuild trigger was somehow related to appimage integration.

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ok, after using a second time your command and reboot mv ~/.config/mimeapps.list ~/.local/share/applications/ for the moment everything is back to normal. If the problem persists I will use your advice by removing kservice and reinstalling it

For those of us who have a non-recent KDE installation, recreating the user profile (home) has been and will be (for me) the solution.

I had a similar issue with the Application menu being flakey and unuseable. I deleted .config/mimeapp.list

Don’t know what is is used for but the system works fine so far and the Application menu now works.

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