Issue with Latte dock 0.10.2

Hi everybody,

I tried Latte Dock 0.10.2 on the Manjaro Kde plasma 5.22.5 version and it works well. But I encounter a little issue. I made a floating panel with this program and when I click on the app launcher button (menu button), the menu is displayed in full screen (I’m using the Stupid Simple Launcher menu : Stupid Simple Launcher - but my floating panel is still displayed (what I don’t want). I tried some options in Latte dock to make the floating panel not visible but it doesn’t work. Do you know a way to do what I want ? Did I miss something ?



Is fixed in Latte 0.10.3 and you need to disable in Latte, option “Can be above fullscreen windows” in Behavior (advanced settings).
Unfortunately with Latte 0.10.2 the previous option is not disabled properly.

@psifidotos: Thanks for your reply. :wink:

As I do tests with Manjaro KDE 21.1.6 for now, I will switch from stable branch to testing branch to have Latte dock 0.10.3. I’m looking forward to plasma 5.23.2 and Latte Dock 0.10.3 in the stable branch because some items (auto-rotate screen issue, issue with my floating panel) are fixed with these. I drop Gnome who prevents me from personalizing my desktop as I wish. With KDE plasma, I can do what I want.

I am also waiting for Plasma 5.23.2. I will be able to provide a much more lightweight window buttons applet for it :slight_smile:

@psifidotos: Latte dock 0.10.3 solved my problem. :grinning:

I close this subject.

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