Issue with keeping pacman mirror configuration

Hello there. I want to use more local mirrors, or ones that have good speeds so I don’t have to wait too long for downloading the packages at each update/upgrade.

I’ve followed the guide on Manjaro wiki: Pacman-mirrors - Manjaro and it has worked well so far for me.

The frustration point is where some time passes, I do an update with Pacman, and I notice yet again it has download speeds of 200-300 kBps, so I’m guessing that for some reason the mirror configuration gets reset to default at some point.

Is there some way to keep the mirrors I’ve set up and not revert back to the default?

Yes, I did follow the advice at the “Customizing pool” section.

Thank you in advance!

libpamac provides pamac-mirrorlist.timer which … is … not always desirable.
If, like me, you want to defenestrate it … then you may get rid of pamac entirely (:smiling_imp:) …
or disable the timer:

systemctl disable --now pamac-mirrorlist.timer

Though, I should note … it is only running sudo pacman-mirrors -f8 … which, if you have a custom mirror pool … should only draw from there.
Maybe its possible that when the services initializes (when network-online target is reached) you get skewed results.

Thanks for the reply~
I’m not using Pamac, I work directly with pacman in the terminal.
I’ll try to disable the timer and see if that helps.

That does not matter. If you have it installed … then this timer is enabled by default on the system.
It runs in the background, regardless of whether pamac is ever opened.
As I said – you can uninstall the associated packages (especially if you dont use them) … otherwise … disable the timer.

I had no idea this came preinstalled. Removed it now, will report back if this still persists.
Thank you for the help!

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