issue with grub in triple boot scenario (chainloading opencore)

Hi all,

I've got a question regarding grub and chainloading another bootloader. I can use opencore to boot windows, manjaro and macOS, however, in the nature of opencore lies to change some ACPI stuff and other things, so that the OS thinks it is running on a real mac. (i.e. changes vendor, serial number, acpi tables)
I don't want this for windows or linux, they should run natively, and not use any ACPI patches and stuff. Thats why I'd like to use grub to boot windows and linux, and chainload to opencore to start macOS.

I read a lot about chainloading other bootloaders, but don't seem to get it running.

Following is my setup:
nvme0n1: EFI (windows), windows system, windows recovery
nvme1n1: EFI with OpenCore, macOS system
sda: an ssd without EFI, containing data for windows and macOS
sdb: ssd with EFI (grub), manjaro system, windows games partition.

using blkid I found the UUID of the OpenCore EFI partition, and setup a 40_custom for grub:

menuentry "macOS" {
        insmod chain
        insmod part_gpt
        insmod fat
        insmod search_fs_uuid
        search --no-floppy --set=root --fs-uuid 67E3-17ED
        chainloader /EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi

But I get the message that the file /EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi can not be found. If I use the PARTUUID, the whole partition can not be found and that changes the whole error message.
Then I mounted the partition with the above UUID, to see if it is the correct one. And yes, it is. The path is correct. I tried case sensitive, none case-sensitive. The file can't be found.

Using my bios I can start opencore perfectly fine and run all three OS from there (with the above limitations of course).

Has anybody else got any ideas left?

Best regards from Germany,


By the above i have a question for you: Why would you "charge" Manjaro forum with asking for advice on something that is illegal and what is that "maybe" at the end, your nickname signature is a maybe yes or maybe not best wishes?
I was tempted to flag your post, but then i saw you didn't post since a year ago, so maybe you are not in line with a couple of things, or you forgot some rules, and i didn't want to give the impression of unfriendly community ...


thanks for your response.

As far as I know, opencore as bootloader is not illegal. My question is how to chainload opencore. Not how I can boot macOS or anything.
Chainloading another bootloader is obviosly supported by grub.

Why would I go to the Manjaro community? Because Manjaro is my favorit Linux distro, and because grub came through manjaro onto my system. I would not need grub for Windows or macOS.
And, too, because I found the Manjaro community helpful in the past.

If anything I said is wrong, I am happy to have my post removed, but would want to know why.

Thanks and best,


P.S.: Maybe, because my nickname is "maybeageek" and maybe is simply the short form of it.

I knew this will come, and i knew you will point that out then use friendly rhetoric to justify it. That will not work in a court. And i'm not saying that you will get in court, but Manjaro as company could be sued for encouraging hackintosh builds, regardless the rhetoric we use here, or that the technical support is addressing to only part of the process.
I know Ubuntu offers replies and suggestions to such topics, there are other "technical entities" that offer support and information for such builds and how to for different scenarios. And i know if you have had made a quick search, no question would be asked :wink:
See here a nice writeup without the controversy attached

Thanks again for the reply,

just one thing, I don't use friendly rhetoric, I try to be as friendly and calm to anybody about any topic. Its no tool, its part of what I believe in.

The reason why I did post here was that I have indeed searched the internet and several distributions forums and wikis for a solution. Thats why I started asking questions. Thanks for the writeup, I'll give the search statement a try. Stating the path to the .efi specifically did not yield any result, not with UUID, not with grubs "hd0,0".

In all writings there is use of it :slight_smile:

This is the part you should focus on if you installed opencore in EFI mode and not Legacy. :wink:

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