Issue regarding currently open application not visible

Is there any means to see the open application in the taskbar?
I just installed xfce version 2 days before and still learning things. Basically i want to see the open application in my taskbar, like today i was watching some videos on youtube and then went to the home page, where i can still listen to it but cannot see any way to open firefox back, so i just killed it with task manager, how do we open apps back? Have i messed up something with my taskbar?

This may come from this bug; i also experience it more often lately.

You should still have two ways to retrieve your open window:

  • switch between applications with Alt + Tab
  • restart the panel with Alt + F2, then xfce4-panel -r

Accessing that panel’s properties also seems to force it to refresh, showing the open applications.

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Not even a single open firefox window is showing as of now after restarting the panel. I might just stick to alt tab, thanks.

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