Issue installing Howdy

Hello new to arch based Linux and loving manjaro but I wanted to install howdy (Linux windows hello) yet every time I try to install an error occurs pyhton2 issue. Please help

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What error? The howdy AUR (Arch User Repository) package does not depend on python2.

Please see:

Thank you. And that’s weird because I tried the AUR and that’s what occurred ? So I’m confused can you tell me how to reinstall ?

Something that depends on python2 is apparently failing to update.

Check what you may have installed that depends on it:

pacman -Qi python2 | grep 'Required By\|Optional For' 

I advise removing any packages that do as Python 2 hasn’t been supported for three years now. See Sunsetting Python 2 |

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Only thing I installed was chrome and howdy

I will give that a shot once I get back home. Also is there a link to reinstall the proper Howdy ?

Please educate yourself

Basic information

Configuration on Arch Linux(and arch-based systems)

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thanks but those instructions might as well be mandarin to me. For instance where do i edit those lines?

Then - I am afraid - you need to learn mandarin :slight_smile: or pay a local computer guy to translate or do the setup for you.

They are found by reading the PAM document linked inside the Arch wiki article - which I suppose is mandarin as well :slight_smile:

ok so i got it to install cleanly and set up faces for the camera to detect, but when i go download and app or log in it doesnt kick on ?