Issue creating a kvm image

I am trying to create a aarch64 image in my Manjaro workstation.
I have found the following repo:

and I am trying to adjust it to Manjaro.
I am now still using an ArchLinux image but the problem I am having it is not regarding the image.
Consider the following steps:
Showing path and id:

downloading images:

creating raw image file:

partitioning the file:

creating the filesystems:


copying distro:

trying to append to fstab file:

what is the reason I am getting permission denied if I am using sudo and file has ‘rw’ permission to owner?

sudo command can’t handle >> redirection, you should use other method, with tee for example:

echo "test" | sudo tee -a /mnt/kvm/root/fstab

And you are right @Tomek !

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