Issue Connecting to Wifi

Hey all,
I just booted manjaro i3 from a USB onto a Dell XPS that I've been running manjaro KDE on. I'm stuck trying to connect to Wifi (maybe just a linux noob issue).

I get a window titled: Wi-Fi Network Authentication Required
It notes that passwords are required for access to this wifi network. It autopopulates several fields:
Wi-Fi Security: WPA & WPA2 enterprise
Authentication: Tunneled TLS
Anonymous identity: (empty)
Domain: (empty)
CA certificate: (none)
(option to check a box: "No CA certificate is required")
Inner authentication: MSCHAPv2(no EAP)
Username: (empty)

When I put my username and password in (the last two boxes), the "connect" button is still greyed out. I can get it to be clickable by checking "No CA certificate is required", but I get a connection failure that reads:
(7) The access point /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/AccessPoin/34 was not in the scan list.

I know next to nothing about wifi networks, what do I need to do?

For reference: I need to enter a username and password to get on the network using Windows or Manjaro KDE (on this same laptop), both of which connect fine. I'm using "free" drivers if that matters (same as I used with KDE).


The configuration items sound like an eduroam network.

If it is, remove the connection and re-add it using the correct settings as given by the University.

If it is indeed a eduroam network, might also be worth a try.

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It is not a eurodam network, although it is a network at a university.

OK, so an 802.1x authenticated network. Essentially the same setup.

You have local technical support people who know exactly what the correct settings should be. Ask them. It's what they're there for.

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