Issue booting Manjaro

I recently installed the latest version of Manjaro kde and I wanted to dual boot so that I could run roblox with some friends and get my mouse software working. I created a new partition on my hard drive anyway while I was reloading in to manjaro after doing my windows setup so I could install grub and whatnot I got an error which I have included below. I am basically a newbie to manjaro at least and have barely any experience with anything outside of Ubuntu so I Google the error there where plenty of results but none of the solutions seemed to work. So here I am asking for help.
I am willing to give anymore information if necessary.

Thanks in advanced,
I actually can’t include images in the post for some reason. So I will type out the error.

Error start
[FAILED] Failed to mount /home/user/Desktop/Mount Point Usb
[DEPEND] Dependancy failed for Local File Systems
Error end
Thanks again.

is secure boot disabled in bios
is fast boot disabled in windows and possibly in bios
are you running uefi or bios/legacy?

By default, missing devices to be mounted at boot cause the boot to fail.
Either boot with your USB to be automatically mounted plugged in, or from a live session, and edit /etc/fstab so that that mount is not mandatory: [root tip] Mount partition using fstab

Thank you it seemed to work I just stopped the partition booting by adding a # in front of the partition in /etc/fstab and manjaro successfully booted.
(btw secure boot is disabled in bios fast boot is enabled and I am using UEFI)

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