Issue backlight controller in newer kernels

Hello guys!

For some reason I can only change the backlight of the monitor (iMac 2013 21inch) with the Linux kernel 5.4LTS.

I tested several different versions (LTS and non-LTS) and was unsuccessful.

Would anyone have any idea where to start?

I have already tested xbacklight and other commands with xrandr on the terminal and I was not successful.

I believe it is some driver problem.

My specs:

Linux 5.12.6-arch1-1 (ArcoLinux)
GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GT 750M

Thank you all for your attention!

Hi @brunnovert, and welcome!

I’m of opinion that if an LTS kernel works (as you said yours does) one should not change unless a newer kernel has a feature you require.

However, I did a quick bit of searching, and came across this. It might help. Although, it also might not.

But, I hope it helps!


I think it is easier to stick with LTS.

I hope it won’t be discontinued anytime soon hahahaha :sweat_smile:

Thank you bro :facepunch:

Accordig to Wikipedia it’ll be supported until December 2025.

So I’d say you’re quite safe.

This is the Manjaro support forum, not the ArcoLinux support forum. Are you lost? :wink: